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Facebook Fans

3 Simple Ways: How to Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers

Facebook is the most used online social media platform in the world today, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. The Stats in February showed that Facebook reached more that 1 billion users worldwide and it’s rapidly increasing. So don’t miss out… seize the opportunity now… and make the most of Facebook to achieve [click to read more]

Automating Facebook Campaigns

Automating Facebook Campaigns Made Easy

For the past weeks, we’ve talked about simplifying business management by automating time-consuming but very important tasks. My absolute favorite was automating social media because although I know how important it is for the business, I don’t always have to give my full attention due to other critical tasks (a lot of them, actually). I [click to read more]

Social Media Strategies

How To Step Up Your Social Media Automation Strategies

So how do you make sure you give 101% effort to social media marketing without sacrificing other equally important tasks? This was a constant struggle when we started out. We became so overwhelmed with all the important tasks – social media, email, video marketing, and of course, website designing – it was hard to keep [click to read more]


What can you do in six seconds to attract new leads?

Six seconds – that’s the length of time you have to attract leads from a video-sharing network called Vine. This Twitter-owned mobile app has drawn a lot of attention since it’s launch in 2013. Although feared to lose its loyal users when Instagram launched its video tools, Vine continues to grow and prove the critics [click to read more]


Top Instagram Tips For Small Business Owners

Are you using Instagram’s photo-sharing platform to get more leads for your business? When my clients ask me if they should join Instagram as a business, my answer is simple: if your audience is using it, of course! With over 300 million users (75 million daily active users), Instagram is not one to ignore if [click to read more]

Get more Linkedin Leads

How To Get More Leads From LinkedIn: For Small Businesses

With over 347 million users spanning over 200 countries, the professional world is buzzing about the lead powerhouse that is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been around since 2003 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn isn’t about heartwarming proposal videos, selfies, or food shots – it’s about building [click to read more]


How To Generate Leads From Pinterest

Ever think of Pinterest as a source to drive more leads and sales to your business? If not, then gimme five to ten minutes and I’ll change your mind… More and more small business owners are are bringing their businesses online to claim their rightful place in the digital world. I’ve met with a lot [click to read more]


How To Make The Most Of YouTube For Small Business

Aside from awesome cat and dog videos, YouTube promises to offer so much more, especially for small business owners. A study by Aol Platforms, a leading company in programmatic advertising, tells us that YouTube wins over other social media platforms when it comes to helping consumers make their purchasing decisions.   And this study makes [click to read more]