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Blogging for success

Thinking about blogging? There’s some great (and profitable) reasons to blog, so come on, jump in! And while you’re at it, why don’t you start strong and implement some of our blogging for success tips? A blog is a fantastic way to communicate more than just the nuts and bolts of what you sell. It shows [click to read more]

Content Marketing

Everyone says Google rewards freshness, and that’s true… but it isn’t the whole story. The problem is that some people in the industry (especially the dodgy SEO companies) take ‘freshness’ to the extreme. They think they’re going to get top rankings because they spin a lot of fluff that no one wants to read. Well, [click to read more]

6 Time Saving Tips for Content

A website is always (and should be) a work in progress. In order to entice visitors to come to your site again and again, you need to keep the content fresh! But as a busy business owner, we know that it can be hard to find time to come back to work on your website [click to read more]

Pros & Cons of a Business Blog

Are you looking for ways to increase your website traffic organically? Been thinking about starting a business blog but don’t really know if it’s right for you? It can be daunting and it does take time but if done right, the rewards can be well worth the effort. A very successful blogger, Dan Zarella, reported [click to read more]

7 Deadly Website Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Building a website is a big and sometimes very expensive exercise so you want to make sure it’s right. There’s a lot of web designers out there who can design pretty things but don’t necessarily know what makes a website profitable for your business. Here are 7 deadly website mistakes you don’t want to fall [click to read more]

How to Write a Website… The Right Way

Even the best looking websites are let down by boring content. No website can exist on flash and dazzle alone. Beyond the sexy visuals, there needs to be website content to match. And there’s a lot you need to know when you’re learning how to write a website. Engaging. Charming. Seductive. The sort of content [click to read more]

Writing Copy – A Guide

How to go about writing copy for your new website Your decision to build your own website is a smart one.  Don’t blow it by filling it with dumb copy!  Writing dumb copy is the easiest thing in the world to do – anyone with half a brain can do it, including professional copywriters.  So [click to read more]