9 Simple Steps: How to Setup Your Google Business Page

Google has about 1.3 billion users, which represents a great opportunity for small businesses to reach a massive crowd who might be interested in their product or services. Google created ‘Google My Business Pages’ to help small business owners increase their visibility within Google search, Google Maps and Google Plus. Google My Business for mobile [click to read more]

SEO not working?

7 Reasons Your SEO Isn’t Working Anymore

*Note: This post first appeared on the Australian Businesswomen’s Network blog. Read it here. I made the trek to Sydney last Thursday week to attend the Traffic & Conversion Summit by the team over at Digital Marketer from Houston, Texas to learn all about the latest in SEO for small business. I didn’t go with any [click to read more]


10 Most Inspiring Leaders of All Time

When was the last time you applauded someone else’s achievement and said to yourself, “Someday, I’m going to change the world the way he / she did.” If you ask me, that would be a month ago. I was feeling really down and stressed, because there was just too many things to do yet so [click to read more]

5 Effective Empowerment Strategies For Your Staff

How do you make your employees feel empowered? Last week, I blogged about something I’ve been meaning to share for some time now – 5 Critical Lessons All Effective Leaders Must Learn. It took me quite a while to write that piece because I wanted to reflect on all the tough times I’ve had since [click to read more]

FREE Email Follow-Up Templates That Will Get A Response

Have you ever sent a follow-up email to your potential customers to “check in” if they’ve seen and read your previous and hear crickets? You’ve probably offered them your latest and best product yet – but you received no replies, nor are they answering you calls. So what now? How do you go about unanswered sales pitch? Last week, I’ve debunked [click to read more]


5 Critical Lessons All Effective Leaders Must Learn

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt this past year? As a leader, you have to wear a lot of hats. This week alone, I took on the tasks of the director, designer, writer, HR manager, marketer, cleaner, receptionist AND lunch lady of Web123. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not complaining about doing more. In [click to read more]